Facebook’s problems with politics

Let Me Try to Explain the Problem

When News Feed was a new feature on Facebook
News Feed circa 2017

Another Explanation, With More Words

  • The article you shared was written to elicit a strong emotional response. The publishers need it to be shared on Facebook — they need clicks and ad revenue.
  • Letting the story develop and investigating multiple angles is not important when the internet makes speed and ads the highest priority.
  • You’re making an in-the-moment, emotionally-charged post which alienates friends.
  • Internet arguments inevitably ensue.
  • It’s really easy to make great lies on the internet.

You cannot win an argument on the internet, according to science

Facebook Makes it Worse

The trouble with the internet, Mr. Williams says, is that it rewards extremes. Say you’re driving down the road and see a car crash. Of course you look. Everyone looks. The internet interprets behavior like this to mean everyone is asking for car crashes, so it tries to supply them.

[Evan Williams is a co-creator of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium.]

“What You’re Really Saying When You Post”

This Wasn’t Socially Acceptable Before

Trends from the Internet




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